New solutions in a new scenario

Rijk Zwaan, leading company in the development, production and commercialization of melon and watermelon varieties seeds, oers you the opportunity to participate in the Global Melon & Watermelon e-Vent, from June 29 to July 10.

In this new edition, special due to the circumstances, we have adapted our format in order that you can take a virtual tour through our demo field located at CED La Palma (Cartagena, Spain). In this edition ‘New solutions in a new scenario’, Rijk Zwaan oers more competitive proposals in the whole melon category –Yellow, Galia, Cantaloupe, Charentais, Ananas and Piel de Sapo–, in watermelon –seedless, with seeds and microseeds–, in addition to all the innovations.

Participants will have access to the information about all our new varieties and concepts in aspects such as flavour, firmness, shelf life and sustainability of the varieties (resistances, behavior to abiotic factors, etc.), as well as to know the consumption trends in a new scenario through our speakers.

All of this through a virtual tour that will let you enjoy the developed program for this event as if you were in the field.

Visit our Melon and Watermelon crops at CED La Palma (Cartagena) Spain


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