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Watermelons for Export

The Convenient Watermelon

Sandissima® is a range of watermelon varieties with great flavour and small micro-seeds. Rijk Zwaan offers a range of genetics meeting the export needs of the melon & watermelon market. The right sizes together with the best flavor and long shelf life are the 3 factors making our export line unique.

Sandissima® varieties with unique traits.

Special flavour: Sweet with a good, crispy bite.

Convenient size: small size, 3 kg or 4 kg.

Dual purpose: unique watermelon and pollenizer.

Low impact of the seeds.

The benefits of Sandissima® are multiple, for all actors in the chain, and are mainly based on a high profitability thanks to a very high production with less costs, and on a very attractive quality product with a suitable format.

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